Reservoir Engineering and Simulation

DI conducts diverse reservoir studies ranging from small one-to-two-day consultancies to major field studies. These studies may include an evaluation of data sources such as cores, well logs, seismic records, production data, workover and completion reports, and well tests. The reservoir studies may include oil or gas-in-place determinations, material balance calculations, reserve estimates and property evaluations, gas deliverability, economic projections, and behind-pipe potential. DI has also been involved with the design, monitoring, and interpretation of waterflood projects.

DI uses a 3-dimensional, 3-phase black oil simulator for conducting many of its studies. Specialized software such a 4-dimensional black oil model or compositional simulator can be leased as needed for miscible gas applications. DI also has a full range of supporting software for the processing and plotting of data from the reservoir simulator. Software is available for analyzing multi-phase flow in the wellbore and for analyzing pressure transient data.

DI has particular expertise in the use of horizontal wells for waterflooding. Horizontal waterflooding is an emerging technology, which has yet to be fully exploited. The use of horizontal wells can be particularly useful in the economic recovery of oil from low permeability reservoirs and for the improvement of sweep efficiency in certain reservoir settings. Simulations are being used to help design horizontal well flooding processes.

Typical Projects

  • Simulation and design of a waterflood project in a West Texas carbonate reservoir.
  • Simulation of multiple waterflood projects in the Bartlesville formation in Oklahoma.
  • Simulation of gas assisted gravity drainage projects.
  • Simulation of a gas injection project into a tight sandstone reservoir.
  • Consultant to the Asian Development Bank for a fact-finding mission to India for the development of gas field projects in the Bombay offshore area.
  • Simulation of several Morrow sandstone reservoirs.