Resume of Dwight Dauben

Resume of Dwight Dauben, PhD

Dwight L. Dauben 
Dauben International Energy Consultants, Inc.
P. O. Box 701227 
Tulsa , Oklahoma 74170


Dr. Dauben has 40 years of diversified experience in the areas of reservoir engineering, waterflooding, reservoir simulation, and improved oil recovery technology. This experience has been gained through his employment with Amoco Production Company, where he was involved with the development and testing of advanced technology for the improvement of oil recovery; K&A Energy Consultants, Inc., where he established the high-technology division of the company including a core analysis laboratory; and Dauben International Energy Consultants, Inc. (DI), where he currently offers a broad range of petroleum engineering services to the industry. He has considerable international experience with activities concentrated in Asia , the Middle East , and Africa . He has worked extensively with Japanese companies over the past 20 years. He is considered an expert in the application of technology to improve oil recovery, especially in the adaptation of horizontal wells in primary recovery and waterflooding applications. He recently received a Regional Service Award by the Society of Petroleum Engineers for his outstanding contributions to the industry.

The major positions held by Dr. Dauben over his career include:

• Dauben International Energy Consultants, Inc. (1993-2016): President.

• K&A Energy Consultants, Inc. (1981-1993): Vice President in early years and President of the company during 1992-93.

• Amoco Production Company (1966-81): Research Supervisor during the last eight years.

The following projects and activities illustrate the diversity of his experience:

• Design of an aluminum citrate polymer flood process for an independent oil producer, 2006.

• Waterflood design and simulation study for a carbonate reservoir in West Texas, 2006.

• Consultant to a large independent oil company on the design of an immiscible WAG process for Schrader Bluff, Alaska, 2005.

• Consultant to a large international company in the design of a polymer flood project in India, 2005.

• Consultant to a large independent operator on the improvement of oil recovery from three fields. Infill drilling locations were recommended in two waterfloods and in a California field influenced by gravity drainage, 2003-2005.

• Consultant to an independent producer in a variety of reservoir engineering and simulation assignments, especially in the development of horizontal wells for improved primary and secondary recovery operations, 2002-2010.

• Four-months training programs for Japanese engineers in the areas of reservoir engineering, improved oil recovery, and production operations, 2002-2004.

• Consultant to the U. S. Trade and Development Agency for development of a Geographic Information System for ONAREP in Morocco, 2002-2003.

• Chairman, SPE/DOE Thirteenth Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery, Tulsa, April 2002.

• Development of coal bed methane projects in Oklahoma, 2002-2004.

• Four-year study for an international client on the use of horizontal wells to improve oil recovery, 1997-2000.

• Comprehensive study for an international client to evaluate the state-of-the-art of the various technologies to improve oil recovery, 2000.

• Development of CO2 flooding program for Mississippi reservoirs, 1999.

• Consultant to the Asian Development Bank to evaluate the performance of India’s two largest fields, Bombay High and Gandhar, 1997.

. Chief Technical Advisor for the United Nations for enhanced oil recovery program in India, 1991-1994.

• Chief Technical Advisor for the United Nations for well completions program in China, 1993-1995.

• Design of a gravity-stabilized gas injection project in Myanmar for a World Bank funded project, 1991.

• Project Manager of DOE-funded project to evaluate enhanced oil recovery technology and to build the BOAST reservoir simulator, 1981-1985.

• Committee member of the 1984 National Petroleum Council study to evaluate enhanced oil recovery reserves in the United States.

• Founding of K&A Laboratories, Inc., a full-service core analysis facility located in Tulsa , Oklahoma , 1981.

• Development and field-testing of improved oil recovery technology with Amoco Production Company, 1966-1981. Served as company expert in the areas of reservoir description and sweep improvement.


• PhD Degree in Petroleum Engineering, The University of Oklahoma , 1966.

• MS Degree in Petroleum Engineering, The University of Tulsa , 1963.

• BS Degree in Petroleum Engineering, Texas Tech University , 1961.


• Society of Petroleum Engineers

• Tau Beta Pi

• Pi Epsilon Tau


• SPE Regional Service Award, 2004.

• Advisory Board, School of Petroleum Engineering, University of Oklahoma .

• Toastmasters International, Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

• IOR Pioneer Award, 2008.


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